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Tesla solar rentals, more VW ID concepts, Hyundai EV design: Today's Car News

Hyundai plans a new design language to identify its EVs. Tesla plans to rent solar panels. Volkswagen is sizing up some EV-adoption barriers, and a new piece of the ID electric-car lineup is coming to this falls Los Angeles Auto Show. All this and more on Green Car Reports. As its works to expand the solar business it bought with Solar City......

Tesla offers new solar rental program

Electric cars and solar panels are like chocolate and peanut butter: two great things that are even better together. On Monday, Tesla began offering a new solar rental program. Homeowners can choose among three system sizes, for small, medium, or large homes or corresponding electrical use. The company does not require homeowners to pay any......

For VW, focus groups highlight EV-adoption challenges beyond price

Volkswagen has been targeting affordability all along with its upcoming electric cars and the modular MEB platform they’re built on. Leading up to the launch of the first models to arrive, starting with the ID 3 at the start of 2020 for Europe and a crossover for the U.S. later in 2020, VW executives haven’t stopped discussing the......

Hyundai EV concept for Frankfurt show to highlight new design language

Hyundai will show a concept car “envisioning its future EV design direction” at next month’s Frankfurt auto show. According to an announcement from the company last week, the EV concept will follow a “Style Set Free” theme that extends an array of customization possibilities. Hyundai first presented ideas with the new......

Rumor: Sixth production-bound VW ID electric car to be previewed with LA show concept

The Volkswagen Group plans to build 27 different electric-vehicle models, across its brands, by 2022—on its way to building 10 million EVs on its upcoming MEB architecture by later in the decade. That requires quite the ramp-up of company resources, and it’s likely the brand has many more new ideas and designs to test as concept cars......

World's largest EV never has to be recharged

A quarry in Biel, Switzerland, is operating the worlds largest electric vehicle, a 110-ton dump truck, to haul lime and marl off the side of a mountain to a cement factory. Perhaps best of all, it consumes no energy doing it. How is that possible, you ask The dump truck, at 45 tons, ascends the 13-percent grade and takes on 65 tons of ore. With......