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Hyundai rides on top with new double-decker electric bus

If converting city buses to electric power is one of the most effective ways to reduce harmful pollution from particulate matter and nitrogen oxides in cities an even more effective way is to double the number of people they can carry. London has begun converting its iconic double-decker buses to electric models made by Chinas BYD, and now......

The godfather of EVs in China has turned his attention to hydrogen cars

Its no accident that nearly half of the worlds electric cars on the road today are in China. According to the International Energy Agency, of the 1.9 million battery electric vehicles on the road, 951 million are found in China. Wan Gang had a lot to do with that. The former Audi exec is now Chinas state science and technology chief and helped......

Explorer Hybrid drive, Fiat electric van, embracing electric: Today's Car News

You vote for plug-in hybrids as a good solution for embracing electric driving. Fiats going electric with its commercial vans in Europe. And we bring you a first drive of the Ford Explorer Hybrid. All this and more on Green Car Reports. We drove the 2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid and found that it puts the priority on capability above fuel......

2020 Ford Explorer Hybrid first drive review: Muscle over mpg

Hybrid systems aren’t all tuned for the highest possible fuel efficiency. You can use the boost of an electric motor system to actually increase the capability of a vehicle without using more fuel—which in turn saves fuel as you don’t have to opt for a bigger vehicle or bigger engine. Such is the case with the hybrid system Ford......

How can rural drivers go electric? Twitter poll results

Are we at the point in time when electric cars will work for everyone When we brought you an account, earlier this month, of how an electric car wouldn’t work in the rural Midwest—in the winter, for a medical emergency—our comment system went into thermal runaway. In short, there were a whole lot of criticisms, and some crying......

Fiat Ducato Electric debuts in Europe, first electric commercial van from brand

In the U.S., pickups reign supreme for most work detail. Abroad That duty often falls to slab-sided commercial vans like the Fiat Ducato. In the U.S. the Ducato is offered as the Ram ProMaster, but is largely identical. Earlier this month, Fiat Professional rolled out its 2020 Ducato van with slight updates inside and out, but the brand offered......