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Cadillac’s electric future, Highlander Hybrid price, Xpeng and Nio: Today’s Car News

In China, EV automaker Xpeng’s owners will be able to access Nio’s underused charging and battery-services network. Globally, Cadillac will go mostly electric by 2030. And here in the U.S., the Toyota Highlander is looking like a bargain. This and more, today at Green Car Reports. The Toyota Highlander Hybrid starts under $40,000......

Xpeng and Nio team up for charging, amid China EV sales slump

Before Tesla actually entered China, the electric automaker Nio had built a reputation as the Tesla of China, for good reason: It built an extensive network of DC fast chargers and energy services—to the degree that, just as with Tesla and its Supercharger network, the company seemed to be building something that other automakers might be......

Cadillac moving to mostly fully electric vehicles by 2030—and back to model names

General Motors’ Cadillac luxury brand is aiming to release its first electric vehicle as soon as 2021 in China, with most if not all of its vehicles sold globally to be fully electric by 2030. The reiteration that GM EVs are running on schedule comes from a media event Thursday in Detroit, where Cadillac president Steve Carlisle also told......

2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid: Top MPG for a big family gets a price under $40k

Toyota has for a long time teased the idea of making its hybrid powertrain a modestly priced option on mainstream models, on virtually the entire model line, rather than having specialized Hybrid models. And now with the upcoming 2020 Toyota Highlander Hybrid it’s essentially doing that. Today Toyota revealed pricing for the 2020 model, and......

Taycan driving range, Germany's EV sales surge, electric truck priorities: Today’s Car News

Long-established brands probably don’t need to worry so much about upcoming electric trucks competing against the Tesla Cybertruck. Germany is finally getting in the fast lane with EV sales. Range ratings are out for the Porsche Taycan Turbo—as are more driving impressions from us on the Taycan 4S. This and more, today at Green Car......

Cybertruck and F-150 electric-truck buyer priorities very different, survey suggests

The level of unwavering commitment from many Tesla fans to the brand and its products may have met its match: Brand allegiance runs deep in the truck world. Those who have owned a truck before want their electric truck to come from one of the established truck brands. Meanwhile those who haven’t owned a truck before are quite attracted to......