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Verstappen questions logic of in-race F1 penalties

F1s rules have been in the spotlight since Vettel controversially lost victory at the previous race in Montreal because of a time penalty he received for rejoining unsafely and forcing Lewis Hamilton off the track.Verstappen, who believes it was wrong for the four-time world champion to be punished, fought for victory in the Monaco GP but then lost his second place finish because of his own ...Keep reading...

Toyota diagnoses wiring issue that cost #7 car Le Mans victory

The Japanese manufacturer has revealed that the system on the #7 Toyota TS050 Hybrid was still showing that the right front tyre pressure was dropping after that wheel had already been changed with an hour of the race remaining. This was because the sensors on each corner of the car had been wired up incorrectly to the antenna that communicates with the pits. It had initially stated that ...Keep reading...

Promoted: What to expect from the French Grand Prix

On the road, Ferrari ended Mercedes’ six-race winning streak last time out in Canada, but Sebastian Vettel’s controversial five-second penalty meant that while he may have finished ahead on track, it was actually Lewis Hamilton who took his fourth win of the season.Motorsport Live is an official ticket reseller for the French GP and all Formula 1 races in the 2019 season.To see all ...Keep reading...

Lotterer: Dwelling on missed Toyota chance "inevitable"

Lotterer was speaking to immediately after finishing a distant fourth at La Sarthe this year with Rebellion Racing, nine laps down on the winning TS050 Hybrid, with he and teammates Neel Jani and Bruno Senna matching their 2018 position.The German driver had offers to join both Porsche and Toyota’s FIA World Endurance Championship efforts when Audi terminated its LMP1 ...Keep reading...

Ferrari introduces new front wing in France

Throughout the season so far, Ferrari has been one of the teams to experiment with a more extreme front wing design, at which the outboard section slopes downward.This breed of front wings means that the downforce output is concentrated at the inboard section, while the outboard portion is then used to turn airflow around the front tyre.Read Also:Ferrari will have small ...Keep reading...

French GP reveals changes to pitlane entry

A tricky entry last year, which featured a tight right/left turn in front of the Mercedes pits, prompted concerns from drivers about safety, and the FIA ended up cutting the speed limit from 80km/h to 60 km/h.Following the issues last year, Paul Ricard chiefs have now completely reconfigured the location of the pitlane entry – which now begins off the racing line at Turn 14.Drivers peel ...Keep reading...