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Honda Celebrates 60th Anniversary in U.S. byÖ Restoring a Chevrolet Apache?

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. first opened for business in June 1959, and the engineering giant is celebrating its 60th anniversary in an unconventional way: restoring another automakerís vehicle. Thatís because shortly after American Honda opened its doors, it purchased a fleet of Chevrolet pickups to deliver products to its first motorcycle dealers in Southern...

SPIED: Tahoe High Country Caught Testing

Our spy photographers caught a glimpse of the Chevrolet Tahoe High Country SUV just before it entered the freeway in Michigan. Just behind it was a Lincoln Navigator. Internally known as T1UC, the Tahoe is expected to make heavy use of aluminum and high-strength steel body components popular among the major vehicle manufacturers. These materials...

Get a Deal: MotorTrend for Fatherís Day

Finding the best affordable-yet-appreciated Fatherís Day gift can be a humongous challenge. If youíre struggling to find that perfect something, consider getting the motorsport and automotive aficionado in your life hooked on†† at a discounted price thanks to this deal of the year. A monthly or yearly subscription to MotorTrend OnDemand will satisfy his...

SPIED: Possible Toyota Tundra Hybrid

Could Toyota be working on a Hybrid Tundra Our sources say yes. One of our spy photographers recently captured a Toyota Tundra prototype driving the streets in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The photographer followed the Tundra for at least 3 miles. At two different stoplights he could hear the familiar Hybrid Synergy Drive hum coming from...

Ford Expands Diesel Availability to F-150 XLT

There is good news for diesel lovers. The Ford F-150 XLT now has a diesel engine option. Previously, the diesel option was only available on Fordís higher trim levels such as the Lariat, Platinum, and King Ranch. The V-6 3.0L Ford Power Stroke engine can now be had on the 2019 XLT, and itís available...

Spied: F-150 Single-Cab Raptor or Something Else in Disguise?

Ford Motor Company has been the king of hiding things in plain sight. The next-generation Raptor was in front of our face the whole time, racing Baja. It had an older-style body on it so no one would suspect otherwise while Ford did its testing. Our spy photographers caught this single-cab F-150 Raptor driving the...