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Electric-car startup Pich sketches out future models, including SUV

Swiss startup Piëch wants to be more than a pretty face. The company showed a sleek new electric concept coupe at the Geneva auto show in March called the Mark Zero, which it plans to put into production in 2022, and recently released sketches of two models expected to follow the Mark Zero: a four-seat GT coupe, and a five-passenger SUV. As......

Rivian builds R1T Overland as cookout camping special

Rivian hasnt even launched any vehicles, and its already building special editions and devising expensive accessories for its R1T electric pickup. The latest is a camping special, not sized for a giant slide-in camper, but outfitted with a bed-top tent and an integrated slide-out kitchen for camping or tailgating cookouts. MUST READ: Rivian R1T......

Audi Q5 plug-in, Apple and Tesla, Model S value then and now: Today's Car News

Audi reveals details of its new 2020 A5 55 TFSI e quattro for Europe. Our readers weigh in on the fairest way for electric-car drivers to contribute to road maintenance in our latest Twitter poll. Yes, Apple tried to make a move for Tesla—years ago. And we take a look at the value of a 2013 Model S—in present dollars—compared......

Report: Apple once attempted to buy Tesla

Tesla has long been called the Apple of automakers for its alternative approach, its rampant fan base, and its Silicon Valley roots. But the interest could go deeper. Financial analyst Craig Irwin of Roth Capital Partners revealed Tuesday that Apple tried to buy Tesla in 2013, but was rebuffed. He said that the tech company bid $240 a share for......

"How should EV owners pay for road maintenance?" Twitter poll results

Last week, after several states proposed new registration fees on electric cars, ostensibly to pay for road maintenance, we wondered what our readers thought would work best. We have nothing against electric-car drivers paying their fair share for road maintenance, but some state proposals seemed to go beyond mere fairness to actively discouraging......

2020 Audi Q5 plug-in hybrid arrives in Europe

Audi released the 2020 Q5 55 TFSI e quattro—the first of its new range of plug-in hybrids—in Europe on Tuesday, with some impressive specs. The company says the crossover will have 25.9 miles (40 kilometers) of electric range on Europes new WLTP driving cycle from its 14.1 kilowatt-hour battery, located under the floor. Using the......

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