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Aston Martin 003 supercar could be named Valhalla

Aston Martin recently announced that it has a fresh super car in the works. Right now, we know it only by the code name of 003. The automaker has a penchant for adhering to vehicle names starting with the letter V, however, and a past trademark application of the name Valhalla lead us down a path towards the mystery moniker. We had an inkling......

Nico Rosberg configures his Mercedes-AMG One, hints at 2.2-second 0-62 mph time

Former Formula 1 World Champion Nico Rosberg is enjoying his retirement. The 33-year now serves as an ambassador for Mercedes-Benz. One of the perks of this relationship is a guaranteed spot on the list for buyers itching for the upcoming Mercedes-AMG One hypercar. Rosberg is getting one, and he recently popped into Munich to configure his......

Boring Company tunnel under LA opens Dec. 10, free 155 mph rides

The Boring Companys first tunnel finally has its date with destiny set: Dec. 10. Chief executive officer Elon Musk named the December date as the grand opening and plans for a ceremony in Los Angeles. The first tunnel has been under construction for months, but Musk announced in May it would open in a few months and that the company planned to......

Chevrolet testing waters for two Camaro hybrids, including V-8

The Chevrolet Camaro could be in for hybrid power. How do we know The brand has been caught testing the waters for future hybrid powertrains with Camaro owners. In August, screenshots of a customer survey were posted to the Camaro6 forum, in which Chevrolet explicitly asked a current Camaro owner for feedback on a hybrid turbocharged inline-4......

Ford Mustang hybrid, McLaren's next hypercar, Ford's "miracle" material: Car News Headlines

Ford teased what appears to be the upcoming Mustang hybrid in an advertisement. Buried in the ad is a quick shot of a Mustang thats never been seen. The front end features a smooth, rounded shape with a glowing pony badge. Under the hood appears to sit an electrified V-8 engine. Expect to hear more on the Mustang hybrid in the coming year......

Listen to the Jaguar I-Pace's audible vehicle alert

Weve taken the internal-combustion engine for granted for a long time. As electric cars become more common, governments and automakers need to deal with a new problem: electric cars are virtually silent in operation, and that can make them dangerous for pedestrians who are blind or simply not paying attention. Numerous governments around the......

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