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2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 leaked

The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 is expected to make its debut in January at the 2019 Detroit auto show, but it appears the new snake just couldnt wait that long to slither out from under its covers. First reported on Thursday by Jalopnik, the new Shelby GT500 was shown to a group of people—likely dealers—on the same day as we were......

VW previews lighting elements that can communicate

In the future, self-driving cars will need to communicate with pedestrians and drivers of traditional automobiles. Volkswagen wants to embrace this concept and previewed a few ways self-driving cars could communicate with other motorists and pedestrians on Wednesday. The announcement showed off a host of elements engineers have been working on to......

Aston Martin names carbon fiber supplier for Valkyrie hypercar

Aston Martin has a carbon fiber supplier in TenCate Advanced Composites. The automaker said Wednesday it is forming a partnership with the materials manufacturer in order to source carbon fiber for the upcoming Valkyrie hypercar. Aston Martin said it has already worked closely with TenCate to select the best materials and develop custom material......

Cost of WEC's new hypercar class could be lower than previously thought

Teams preparing to run in the World Endurance Championships planned hypercar class will be happy to learn the cost of entry could be lower than previously thought. The new budget reportedly sits at $23 million for a two-car entry, down from from a previous estimate of between $28.7 million and $34.4 million that was given when the FIA first......

Could Ford and VW form deeper ties?

Evidence is mounting that Ford and the Volkswagen Group could form deeper ties than once imagined. Both automakers announced a memorandum of understanding in June to research partnerships and joint-production of vehicles, but that might have just been the start. USA Today reported Tuesday that analysts believe both companies have begun to......

McLaren Speedtail buyers can customize the badges on their car

McLaren is putting the finishing touches on its fastest car ever. Dubbed the Speedtail, its the latest in the automakers Ultimate Series and is set to make a public debut Oct. 26th. Ahead of the reveal, McLaren is asking Speedtail buyers for final input into the design of their own cars. One way they can do so is with a unique custom badge, such......

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