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UPDATE: The perfect 2019 IndyCar schedule (2nd Update)

IndyCar[Speculation] UPDATE Word is that COTA is still in the running for a 19 IndyCar race and is currently more likely than at Richmond Raceway to get the final open slot available, per source. An IndyCar race at COTA is now possible because IndyCar is no longer offering year-round territorial exclusivity, so TMS cant veto. Adam Stern 08/16/18 Below was the perfect schedule, now lets speculate on whats likely to happen....

NBC and IndyCar put the screws to Long Beach GP

IndyCar[Strong] IndyCar and NBC screw Long BeachAlthough no one will admit it, being on NBCSN for 9 straight years likely cost the Long Beach GP its Toyota title sponsor.Now IndyCar and NBC are putting the screws to the 2nd biggest race on the schedule once again. Adam Stern on Twitter: Next years @GPLongBeach IndyCar race will again be on @NBCSN, per people familiar, despite organizers hopes that it would move to @NBCs broadcast channel with the new deal....

New Perez deal due in 'days' - insider

Formula 1[Strong] Lawrence Stroll would prefer to keep Perez as his sons teammate. Esteban Ocon would likely bury him (GMM) F1 may be in its summer shutdown, but the rumor mill is still in overdrive. It has been helped along with Daniel Ricciardo, Carlos Sainz and Fernando Alonsos announcements, with the next dominos now set to fall....

What engine will Andretti run for McLaren and Alonso? (3rd Update)

IndyCar[Strong] Q: Michael, its six months into your retirement now. Where are you at How is your life...

Carlos Sainz Jr. to McLaren, Gasly to Red Bull (2nd Update)

Formula 1[Fact] No longer a Red Bull driver on loan to RenaultUPDATE This rumor is upgraded to fact today.McLaren Racing today confirmed that Carlos Sainz Jr. will race for the team in Formula 1 from the 2019 FIA Formula One World Championship. The Gasly to Red Bull announcement is coming soon we expect.Carlos, 23, from Madrid, Spain, has signed a multi-year deal with the team, replacing Fernando Alonso....

Apple could launch a car 'by 2023' according to tech expert

Automotive[Speculation] Apple could release augmented reality glasses by 2020, and a car three to five years after that, highly-respected analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted in a TF Securities research note distributed on Tuesday. Kuos research has a strong track record of accurately describing Apple products often months before they officially launch....

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