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Andretti to run Honda and Chevy (for Alonso) engines (2nd Update)

IndyCar[Strong] Harding Racing Shop - Future home of the Andretti-McLaren teamUPDATE Rumor has it that the Wink Hartman-owned Harding Racing shop will become the Andretti-McLaren base of operations in North America. The shop is a short walk from the Indy Speedway. Alonso and Andretti at Barber last year08/15/18 The rumor of Andretti buying into the Harding Racing team for Alonso is gaining steam and is now strong....

Carlos Sainz Jr. to McLaren, Gasly to Red Bull

Formula 1[Strong] A 2-year deal for Carlos Sainz Jr. means McLaren does not expect Alonso backMcLaren will announce Carlos Sainz Jr. as Fernando Alonsos replacement later this week, ESPN is rumoring, opening the door for Pierre Gasly to step up to Red Bull next year.On Tuesday McLaren confirmed Alonso will not continue in F1 beyond 2018, ending months of speculation about his future.... 2019 IndyCar Silly Season page breaks cover (Update)

IndyCar, Formula 1[Speculation] Whether Fernando Alonso drives in IndyCar will determine what happens elsewhere in the driver seat Merry-Go-RoundUPDATE We have updated our 2019 IndyCar Silly Season page and our 2019 F1 Silly Season page based on the news on Fernando Alonso will not be racing in F1 next year. 08/11/18 The first release of our 2019 IndyCar Silly Season page has arrived.There are two drivers that have the biggest influence on the 2019 IndyCar Silly Season - will Fernando Alonso com...

McLaren eyes IndyCar team with Alonso (21st Update)

Formula 1, IndyCar[Speculation] Respected former Formula 1 chief mechanic Peter Kerr has died at the age of 73. Kerr, a New Zealander, worked with the likes of Ronnie Peterson and Niki Lauda at the March team co-founded by Max Mosley. He later moved to the Shadow outfit and thence to Arrows, where he stayed until his retirement, working in a research and development role....

Alonso announcement Tuesday, leaves F1, is IndyCar next? (2nd Update)

Formula 1, IndyCar[Fact] Alonso back to IndyUPDATE For anyone wondering, the 2019 FIA WEC race dates are:March 15 Sebring May 4 Spa June 15-16 Le MansNone of those weekend had an IndyCar date in 2018....

Busch to replace McMurray at Ganassi

NASCAR Monster[Strong] Kurt BuschFormer NASCAR Cup Series champion Kurt Busch and one of his current sponsors, Monster Energy, will join Chip Ganassi Racing next season, reports. Busch, 40, is expected to drive the No. 1 Chevrolet for CGR, replacing veteran Jamie McMurray, who is in the last year of his current contract with the team, multiple sources confirmed.An official announcement of the move does not appear to be imminent....

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