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Vettel time penalty review 'on standby'

Formula 1[Strong] Vettel and Hamilton almost touch(GMM) Ferraris stewards review of the Canada GP time penalty is on standby. That is the news from Daniele Sparisci, the correspondent for Italys Corriere della Sera newspaper.We reported earlier that the stewards at Paul Ricard were expected to make a decision about the review of Sebastian Vettels controversial Montreal time penalty by Thursday....

No more 'futuristic' look for 2021 F1 cars

Formula 1[Strong] 2021 cars wont look this good(GMM) F1 teams are apparently worried about the look of the proposed cars for 2021. Earlier, fans were generally happy with the futuristic appearance of the mocked-up drawings based on the as-yet unconfirmed new rules.But although Liberty Media and the FIA asked the teams to keep quiet in Montreal recently, it is believed there is widespread concern that could help to explain the October rules delay....

Kubica could change teams (Update)

Formula 1[Speculation] If Kubicas check is large enough, any number of teams will want him despite his physical limitationsUPDATE (GMM) Robert Kubica is not ruling out a change of teams in Formula 1.The Pole has hinted that Williams is not giving him identical equipment to teammate George Russell, suggesting their cars are in fact often two different worlds.It came as Kubicas sponsor, the Polish oil company PKN Orlen, admitted the 34-year-old could change teams. Everything is on the table and th...

Red Bull eyes WEC Hypercars for 2021

World Endurance Championship, Formula 1[Speculation] Aston Martin Valkyrie(GMM) It is too soon to say what involvement Red Bull will have at the top level of the world endurance championship in the future. New rules for the series including Le Mans have been announced for 2021, in which production hypercars will replace LMP1 as the top class for the future.Aston Martin, already a Red Bull partner, has counted itself in....

Did Carl Edwards quit NASCAR to avoid Carbon Monoxide poisoning?

NASCAR Monster[Speculation] With so many long races on the NASCAR schedule, Carl Edwards likely quite to avoid the damaging carbon monoxide poisoning so many drivers suffer fromCarl Edwards retirement from racing seemed to come from out of left field when the former NASCAR star announced he was stepping down in January 2017. His last NASCAR boss, Joe Gibbs, still has questions, questions he detailed recently on Dale Earnhardt Jr,.s Dale Jr. Download podcast.I would have to say that conversation...

C8 Corvette to have 8-speed dual clutch tranny

Automotive[Strong] In one month the C8 Corvette will be revealedA filing from General Motors with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office detailing an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission which could be used by the C8 Corvette has emerged online. The patent, first picked up by Mid Engine Corvette Forum, was filed on November 13, 2015, but only granted on June 4, 2019....

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