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Error will cost COTA $25 million in state funding

Formula 1[Strong] Without $25M a year in State funding the USGP will lose its shirt and go belly-up quickly. F1 races are not profitable, its just voo-doo economics.Circuit of the Americas is out at least $25 million in state funding after Gov. Greg Abbott’s office rejected the group’s annual application for reimbursement following the 2018 Formula One race at the track....

Williams to sack Lowe?

Formula 1[Speculation] has told you Lowe was riding Aldo Costas coattails for two years. Now the chickens are coming home to roost.Facing another morning on the sidelines while their rivals test, Williams are facing a “mutiny” against “under-performing” technical director, Paddy Lowe. So says the Daily Telegraph....

Red Bull unable to run Honda at full power (Update)

Formula 1[False] Max VerstappenUPDATE This rumor is downgraded to false today. Speaking to Horner denied the rumors: “There’s absolutely no vibration issue that we encountered at all in any of the running. “So I’m not quite sure where that’s come from.” Red Bull are new to the Honda engine but Toro Rosso used it in 2018 giving both teams some help for 2019....

Ferrari advantage 'at least' 5 tenths

Formula 1[Strong] Is Ferraris secret their front wing(GMM) Mere days into 2019 winter testing, it appears that Ferrari has a clear advantage. With Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc smilingly topping the times, the most obvious difference between their red car and the others is the front wing.Toto Wolff, the Mercedes boss, admits that visibly, the wing produces less downforce....

IndyCar eyes Surfers Paradise (11th Update)

NASCAR Monster, IndyCar[Speculation] NASCAR Sprint Cup Centurion Boats at the Glen race on ESPN last Sunday garnered a 3.6 final rating with 4,828,000 people tuned in. This is down 12.2% from last years 4.1 final rating on ESPN and down 31 from the 2006 rating on NBC. ESPN certainly is not doing NASCAR any favors with regard to TV ratings as compared to NBC which refused to pay NASCARs ransom prices and walked away from re-bidding on the TV deal....

NASCAR to shorten schedule in 2021

NASCAR Monster[Strong] Steve PhelpsNASCAR has been soliciting opinions from industry stakeholders on whether they would like to see a reduced schedule starting in 2021, sources say, the clearest sign yet that a shortening of the season is under serious consideration. The five-year sanctioning agreements that NASCAR signed with tracks in 2016 go through 2020, so its top-flight Monster Energy Series couldn’t drastically alter its schedule until 2021. The series is looking at making changes with it...

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