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Lotus dials up 430 horses for 3-Eleven's final production run

Lotus has revealed a fitting farewell to its track-focused 3-Eleven with one final evolution. The British sports car maker on Tuesday unveiled the 3-Eleven 430, which comes with substantial upgrades in performance including a power bump to 430 horsepower for the stock 3.5-liter supercharged V-6. Thats up on the 410 hp of the previous 3-Eleven in......

2019 BMW 1-Series Hatchback spy shots and video

The current BMW 1-Series Hatchback is somewhat of an oddity in the world of compact cars, because it comes with a sporty rear-wheel-drive layout and available inline-6 engines. Thats odd because the rear-wheel-drive layout eats into interior space, making an already tight cabin even tighter, while the longitudinally-mounted inline-6 makes the......

2019 Porsche 911 GT3 RS revealed, priced from $188,550

The 911 GT2 RS may be the top of the 911 pecking order but Porsche hasnt forgotten about the equally drool-worthy 911 GT3 RS. The German firm has been developing a few tweaks for its naturally aspirated track star, and now the updated car has been revealed ahead of the formal debut next month at the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. The car......

Ferrari 488 Pista revealed, packs same power as McLaren 720S

Following yesterdays leak, Ferrari has now released official details on the hardcore version of its 488 GTB. It goes by the name 488 Pista, and well see it for the first time in the metal at next months 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. Pista, of course, is the Italian word for “track,” and a track is very much where youll want......

BMW M4 Convertible 30 Jahre Edition marks 30 years since the first M3 drop-top

BMWs M division began to celebrate its various anniversaries with special models in 2014, but the party goes on. On Tuesday, the German automaker revealed the M4 Convertible 30 Jahre Edition, which marks 30 years since the first M3 Convertible launched in 1988. Jahre is the German word for years. Like the 30 Jahre editions that came before it......

Techrules to debut track-focused version of Ren electric supercar in Geneva

At the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show, Chinese startup Techrules shocked us with its Ren supercar. The extended-range electric supercar boasted a central seating position, 1,287 horsepower, and looks designed by none other than famed Giugiaro. In just a few weeks, well get to see a more hardcore version designed strictly for track use......

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