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How to break in a new limited-slip differential

Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained is starting to wrench on his Honda S2000 project car. One of the latest areas of the car hes attacking is the rear end. His yellow Honda is getting a brand new limited-slip differential with more aggressive gearing. Before he gets to enjoy that extra aggression, however, Fenske has to break in the new......

Ferrari 488 Pista, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Yenko Silverado: This Week's Top Photos

Ferrari this week revealed the hardcore version of its 488 GTB. Its called the 488 Pista, and there are rumors it will be able to lap a track faster than Ferraris LaFerrari hypercar. We guess Pista, Italian for “track,” is an appropriate title here. Another track machine, this one naturally aspirated, was revealed this week. Its the......

What's the difference between horsepower and torque?

We toss the words horsepower and torque around pretty often in the automotive industry, but perhaps the meaning of both gets lost along the way. Never fear, Engineering Explained is here. In a new video, EE host Jason Fenske helps explain in the simplest of ways what power and torque are, and why the old saying of Horsepower is how fast you......

Mini plans to build electric vehicles in China

BMW Group, Minis parent automaker, has signed a letter of intent to initiate a joint venture with Chinas Great Wall to produce battery-electric Minis in the country. Currently, the Mini plant in Oxford, England, is set to produce an electric Mini in 2019. The German automaker said production follows the market, and it sees immense opportunity......

Volvo may offer XC50 coupe-like SUV next decade

Volvos trio of SUVs—the XC40, XC60, and XC90—may have to make room for another model next decade: a coupe-like SUV in the vein of the BMW X6/X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLE and GLC Coupes. Yes, the Swedish automaker might take on the segment dominated by Mercedes-Benz and BMW with a potential XC50 post-2020, Auto Express reported on......

Demonic drawings: Dodge shows concept sketches for Demon logo

With the Demon, Dodge turned a muscle car into a halo car. Were sure the project was fun for all involved, from the engineers to the designers to the marketers. The designers not only got to play with the sheet metal, but they also had the chance to dabble in the macabre and design a Demon logo to match the cars raucous personality. Mark......

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