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Boring Company runs Tesla Model X in prototype tunnel

The Boring Company tunnels will fit a Tesla Model X electric car. Thats the latest bit of news from Elon Musks underground adventure. The company posted a short video (taken vertically...) of a Model X moving through a tunnel on what appears to be the skates that propel the car. Its important that the Model X fits because Tesla and The Boring......

Apple poaches ex-Waymo senior engineer for self-driving car technology

Apples Project Titan self-driving car program has stumbled over the past few years, but it may have just received a major boost. The Information reported on Friday that Apple has hired on ex-Waymo senior engineer Jaime Waydo. Waydo, according to the report, was instrumental at Googles Waymo division. She was involved in areas ensuring safety and......

"Fast & Furious" still driving some car prices nearly 20 years later

Seventeen years ago, the movie The Fast & the Furious injected some fresh interest in the car culture and, nearly two decades later, is still driving the prices of certain vehicles. The film was primarily focused on newer model imported cars, but that didn’t mean the glory days of American muscle were cast aside. One of the......

Report: Lincoln MKC to be renamed Corsair with 2020 redesign

As Lincoln continues to rid its vehicles of the largely unloved MK naming scheme, it appears the MKC will soon be called the Corsair. The current MKC is one of the remaining Lincolns without a name that is an actual word within the brands current lineup, and Automotive News reported on Monday that Corsair will fall in line with the luxury......

Volvo has created self-docking boat tech

Anyone can drive a boat. Out on the open sea, you throttle up and keep the bow pointed along a given heading. Hopefully, youll arrive at your destination with enough time left for a dock-side drink and congenial chitchat with your fellow water lovers. The hard part of the journey, however, occurs when you have to dock that thing. This is where......

"The Cannonball Run" remake appears to be rolling forward

Dust off your performance ambulance because its nearly time to take another trip across the country. Our starting point will be the Red Ball Garage in New York City and we wont be done driving until we see the palm trees and ocean that surrounds the Portofino Inn in Redondo Beach, California. Now, dont get too excited because were not actually......

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